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Panoramic view of the sky from STEREO-A

From time to time I like to browse online photos of the sky or pictures of objects in the Solar System taken from space probes. While viewing photos taken by STEREO spacecraft, I thought that it might be possible to create a panorama of the sky area from pictures taken by the Heliospheric Imager (HI). For this experiment I chose images from 2008, when solar activity was low. I downloaded the photos from the official website of the STEREO mission. After analysing all the photographs from that year, I selected those of high quality: 365 images taken by HI1-A and 37 HI1-B images. The panoramic view from the HI1-A camera covers the 360 x 22 degrees area of the sky, while the panoramic view from the HI2-A camera includes the area of 360 x 71 degrees.

To view these panoramas I used the krpano program. I marked interesting objects in both of them.
The effects of my work can be seen at tbh1A & tbh2A.

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